The lifesaving Pet Cancer docu-series begins in two days… see all episodes here

Monday, April 02, 2018 by

The lifesaving Pet Cancer summit begins in just two days, bringing you dozens of eye-opening interviews with holistic health experts and veterinarians who have real, practical solutions for pet health.

This is one of those rare, professionally-filmed and produced documentaries that breaks new ground in sharing practical, easy-to-understand knowledge that can teach you how to literally save the life of your beloved pet, sometimes even after conventional veterinary practice has given up and declared your pet to be “hopeless.”

In this series, you’ll learn a wealth of scientifically-supported strategies to prevent, treat and even reverse cancer in many cases to help save the life of your family pets. While no single modality works in every case, this knowledge brings you a wealth of new, expanded choices rooted in holistic health rather than the chemical poisons and toxic medications pushed by conventional vets. In fact, in this information-packed docu-series, you’ll learn about nutrition and holistic medicine strategies that most conventionally-trained vets don’t know, since far too many of them have become little more than pushers of pet vaccines and pet medications that enrich the drug cartels.

Register at this link to see all seven professionally-produced episodes, beginning Wednesday, April 4th.

Keep in mind that you never want to allow a conventional veterinarian to keep a pet that has died, either. Why? Because many of them get “recycled” into pet food.

It’s astonishing but true. Listen to this podcast to learn more:










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